The idea of Be On The Right Side of History was born after the Women’s March in 2018, when millions of people around the world stood up for equal rights and demanded change from their governments.

The flood of signs, filled with powerful messages (and glitter!) were seen around the world. This was an important moment in history. To commemorate the moment, we created 21 posters, all inspired by first wave, second wave, and third wave feminists, featuring messages that draw attention to the fight for women’s rights. All posters are completely free to download and use. The 2019 Women’s March is being held January 19th in major cities around the world. We welcome you to use any of our designs. They are available in a variety of sizes, with a photo or as just text. All designs are also available as stickers for personal use. Feel free to use our art in your home or office.

If you have a message or a feminist you’d like to see portrayed, please email us at

Here’s to strong women and the relentless drive to make a better, more equal society, for everyone.


Be On The Right Side of History is a non-for-profit design project created with the aim to spread positive messages and unite the fight for equality and women's rights. To get in touch, email